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These Mistakes in Your Dissertation Can be Lethal

Lethal Dissertation Mistake
Dissertation writing is none other than a gamble. You never know what the examiner doesn’t like get you disqualified. One has to be very careful in dissertation writing and it must be written with complete presence of mind. Dissertation writing does not necessarily have to be difficult but it is very tricky so it is important to know how to write essay and dissertation. You should the know mistakes you can make in your dissertation writing to be careful of making them:
  1. Never include anyone’s personal information from an interview in the dissertation. The interviews and surveys are there to help you answer the question of your dissertation. They aren’t supposed to give you the answer so there is no need to do using anyone’s information in your dissertation unless that person is someone who is a famous businessman or in se way he is directly related to the work.
  2. Never leave the dissertation unconcluded. A dissertation must be concluded very well in order to satisfy the reader. You don’t know your examiner personally and the work is in front of him to represent you. That work speaks volumes about you. The question of your dissertation writing will never be answered if you do not conclude the dissertation well. If dissertation writing is not concluded properly, it shows lack of preparation in your part. And since the examiner does not know you, you will never have the benefit of doubt.
  3. Never delay the work due to any reason. When you get a dissertation to write that becomes the only thing in your life. Leave everything where it is, and start the work right away. Dissertation writing has many challenges so it also takes a lot of time to write. If you do not use time wisely you can end up in a lot of trouble.
  4. Never use anyone’s work without their permission or without giving them credit. This will be a type of plagiarism. If you must use something from a website, rephrase and rewrite the entire thing by first understanding it yourself and then write I down which will also be very helpful to you in many ways later. If you have to use a few lines exactly because they can’t be said better any other way in your dissertation writing then write it down in commas and always mention the source, the name of the person who wrote it and in which book.
  5. Never write your dissertation in random format. There are mainly two types of dissertation structure and take advice from your supervisor on that. Dissertation writing always has a structure and it can be written in no other way.
  6. When you find yourself idle for a few days, and you don’t know where to turn and what to do now with no help available, instead of wasting your time further hire yourself a dissertation writing service which will be the only help you can trust. Dissertation writing takes time even for the expert so the sooner you contact them the better it will be for you.
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  6. We have now reached that point of the year when most of us are either coming to end of our degrees or beginning one soon. This article is for those people who are in the final years of their study or required to submit their dissertations soon. Your dissertation is one of the biggest chunks of your degree’s final grade, so be careful with all the little details and make sure you get it right to get your desired grade.

    So, here’s a list of lethal things you should never do when writing your dissertation:

    1. Don't limit your research
    When writing a dissertation you will only have from 10,000 to 20,000 words to write. This does sound a lot but you will find it to be a very limited number to work around when developing your research and argument. So it makes sense to stick to the relevant bits of information and develop your case on that. But this should not stop you from researching over and beyond, in areas that might be remotely linked to your topic. This will not only give you ideas about what to add or not but also allow you to view things in a broader perspective.

    2. Don't form an incomplete argument
    Do not at any point of the essay assume that the reader already knows what you are talking about. Define everything you talk of in your essay and build an argument from scratch.

    3. Don't use several systems
    There are many ways and methods for referencing, one of the most popular ones being Harvard referencing system. Ask your advisor which one you should base your essay’s bibliography on. The more important thing is to use only one system of referencing consistently throughout your dissertation.

    4. Don't forget to mention information with citations
    Never forget to mention whose work you use and take inspirations from in your essay to avoid being penalized for plagiarism.

    5. Don't adopt a dramatic tone
    Even though showing importance of your research is good idea, do not get carried away and over-emphasize ideas or information unnecessarily. This might leave the reader puzzled and unsure about the direction of your work.

    6. Don't form opinions without evidence
    It is a good idea to point out something new and original in your research. However, it is equally important to show that your point of view is logical and backed up with already existing research and facts.

    7. Don't submit your initial drafts
    Leaving enough time to revise your drafts is absolutely essential. You will be marked on punctuation, and grammar, along with all other aspects of your dissertation, which is why you need to pay attention to detail and review your drafts before coming up with the final one.

    8. Don't use "catchy" fonts
    Remember, your dissertation is an academic piece of work and should be formatted as per the standardized requirements. For most official documents you will be expected to adopt the Times New Roman or Arial font with size 11. You can find out about the correct font to use by consulting your supervisor.

    9. Don't use words and phrases you are not familiar with
    Refrain from using too complicated words and phrases whose context and usage you are not familiar with. This will keep you from referring to things in an inappropriate or incorrect manner which will make you look stupid.

    10. Don't leave things to the last minute
    In all matters, it is better to be prepared than to not be prepared. Especially, in matters as important as your dissertation. Many people leave the referencing to last minute, assuming that it would not take that long. However referencing takes up a big chunk of your time leading to your submission being delayed. If you're working late, you may be tired and more likely to make mistakes which will hinder you completing your referencing. So, finish well in time and leave yourself plenty of time to accommodate any unexpected happenings. DISSERTATION WRITING SERVICES

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