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Classification of Essays Which You Must Know

Classification of Essays
Well essays remain part of your study from school till university. Sometimes you have to write an essay as an assignment and sometimes it appears in exams. Even though students write essays in almost every class, they still don't talk about the different types of essays and the basic difference between their writing and structure. Essays can be divided into ten different types based on the level of education. But according to an essay writing service UK, generally there are four basic types of essays.

General Type of Essays:

  1. Descriptive Essay
  2. Definition Essay
  3. Compare and Contrast Essay
  4. Persuasive Essay

Descriptive Essay:
A descriptive essay is written to describe something. It can be a person, place, thing or event. The purpose is to give a description about a person or an event. These types of essays are written in detail to cover each aspect and feature of a person or event. They include many types of adjectives and adverbs for presenting the clear picture to readers. In simpler words you can say that descriptive essays are the written picture. They involve all the five senses i.e. touch, hear, smell, sight and taste. 

Definition Essay:
When you write an essay to define something it is called a definition essay. For example essays written on topics like overpopulation, poverty, education, freelancing and unemployment etc. will be regarded as definition essays. You include different definitions about the topic from different sources. Your main aim behind writing the definition essay is to make readers understand the term or topic.

Compare and Contrast Essays:
The compare and contrast essays involve two things, people, subjects, events or places that are compared on the basis of their similarities and differences. For example, writing an essay for comparing arts vs. science subjects.

Persuasive Essay:
When you write about a certain topic and provide its benefits or disadvantages for persuading the readers to either go for it or leave it then it is called a persuasive essay. In a persuasive essay you don’t argue, you just try to persuade or convince the readers. For example, an essay on the topic of the importance of studying science in high school.

Classification of Essay on the Basis of Education Level

Middle School Essays:
At the middle school the most common type of essay written by students are
  1. Narrative Essay
  2. Reflexive Essay
  • Narrative Essay: Narrative essays are written for telling a brief story much similar to the narration. These essays are written for describing a person's experience, feelings or information. The first person pronoun is used in narrative essays.
  • Reflexive Essay: These essays are the easiest one. These essays are assigned at very initial stages for introducing the students with essay writing. For example essays on the topics like, how I spend my summer holidays, the funfair festival, etc. these essays don’t have any specific rules or limitations.

High School Essays:
In high school students are introduced with Critical Thinking Essays. The main purpose of these essays is to improve the critical thinking abilities of the students. They are used to make students aware of analyzing the texts, using different research methodologies to find out the strengths and weaknesses of a particular thing. They are based on a question and its answer is provided in the essay.

College Essays:
At college level students are introduced with advance type of essays which are
  1. Personal Statement or Application Essay
  2. Expository Essay
At the time of admission at college students have to write essays which must be perfect for securing admission.
  • Personal Statement or Application Essay:Indeed, even at the initial stage, an essay predetermines the destiny of even the most innovative student. Each school graduate needs to proceed with training. Higher instructive organizations with the best notoriety have low acknowledgment rates. Competition is very high and each candidate should do all that convince the panel through a strong essay for getting admission. Personal statement essay includes Life and career objectives, educational qualification, individual information and experience, abilities and skills, accomplishments, motivations to join specific school or college and outline of qualities and shortcomings. Remember to specify the college name a few times in the content to tell them you get why and where you are composing. Stress how your insight matches school necessities and principles.
  • Expository Essay: The expository essay is a class of essay that requires the understudy to research a thought, assess proof, elucidate the thought, and put forward a contention worried that thought in an unmistakable and succinct way. This can be cultivated through correlation and difference, definition, model, the examination of circumstances and logical results, and so forth.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

How Students Can Utilize Right Resources and Right Time for Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing
Being a student in the final semester you are in between a state of happiness and stress. You are happy because you will be going to get your degree within a few months and at the same time you have to deal with the dissertation writing as well. For most of the students dissertation writing is not less than a hell. Either you like writing a dissertation or not, you have to do it to get your degree. So instead of taking stress why not to try those options and ways that will help you in doing your dissertation easily and effectively. First of all you need to know what a dissertation is, what its requirements are and where to buy dissertation online to complete it timely.

A dissertation is a very important piece of work. It not only increases your knowledge and abilities of research, and decides your grades but also decides about your future. A dissertation is a document of formal nature. There are some pre-defined rules for performing and presenting a dissertation. It has various sections which include introduction, justification, literature review, data collection and analysis, examination, hypothesis formulation, findings, opinion and recommendations, and conclusion with proper citation and references. Dissertations are designed to test the knowledge and understanding of a scholar about a specific course. A dissertation is assigned to both the students of graduate and undergraduate level. The purpose, nature and scope of doing dissertation is same at both levels, but there are some significant differences as well.

Importance of Dissertation:
A dissertation is important in making a career for students. It divulges capacity and skills of the students. It helps to indicate certain abilities of a student like areas of interest, research and critical analysis skills. It also tests the knowledge and grip about the subject.

Why Dissertation Writing is Difficult for Students:
Many students start writing dissertations with great interest, passion and zest but as they move forward with their work we see lack of interest and all enthusiasm starts converting into stress. This is because dissertation is a long and complex process. Another reason is deferment. Many students think that they have plenty of time to complete the work and they delay or postpone the work and at the end they are left with less time and more work which produces low quality work. Thirdly, most of the students lack good writing skills and don’t do extensive research relevant to their topic.

How to Manage Time for Dissertation:
To produce good quality work you need to manage your time effectively. For this you have to create a timeline. You can simply do it on a piece of paper or you can use any app or software available on the internet to keep track of your progress. Breakdown your dissertation sections into parts and subparts and set a deadline for each part. Be realistic in assigning deadlines otherwise you will not be able to follow them. Realistic goals and deadlines not only motivate you but also develop your interest and help you to produce quality content. In spite of mainstream thinking, you don't really need to compose your dissertation each and every day, similarly as long as you do it consistently. Set up an organized strategy to work on your dissertation, this will let you to set time aside for the other activities as well.

While it's critical to invest energy in your dissertation, you should keep in mind that it is the quality of work that matters at all, not the number of hours you spend. Most students only spend university hours working on dissertation instead of irregular working patterns. But many students are more active in the morning and some others can do better work at night. Time managing also involves prioritizing your work. Separate most important tasks from least important. Create a list of the entire task in order from most important to least important. Similarly you can also make a list of tasks that are less time and effort consuming, so that when you have less time or you want to relax you still work with your dissertation. This is another way of productive procrastination.

How to Manage Resources:
When you start collecting data for your dissertation you have a vast range of choices of research resources available. But not all research resources are reliable and trustworthy, and you have to select only true and reliable sources for producing top class and outstanding dissertation. Few of the resources are libraries, journals, and the internet, past students’ work, films, interviews and documentaries. Libraries are the most reliable and recommended source for gathering data. It is the choice of every researcher. You can use the library electronic catalog for searching relevant information and ideas. The academic articles and journals available on university libraries are reliable and quality work. Journals are an extremely valuable source which is generally underrated. It gives relevant data on the improvement of discussion, basic conclusion and logical hypothesis. The full back-list of releases of numerous journals is currently accessible on the web, and printed versions of journal copies are available at numerous libraries.

The Bottom Line:
The dissertation writing is a challenging task. You have to remember that you've come this far in your investigations, so there is no other approach yet forward. Tackle the venture stage by stage, and soon you will be able to finish the most significant paper in your entire instructive excursion. Try not to let anybody make you feel that composing a dissertation is simple. It's definitely not. This might be one of the most testing, long and tedious tasks you have experienced. Then again, you've accomplished a ton during your scholarly excursion. This is a glimpse of something larger that will make the ways for the profession you have imagined. All you need is inspiration and direction.

Friday, 3 July 2020

How Smart Education Has Made World Global Village for Education

Smart Education in World
It would not be wrong to say that smart education has made the world a global village for education where students and teachers from all parts of the world can come together and work for a better and brighter future. Now the teachers or the students do not have to worry about connecting just because they live in far off places, do not have the transportation facility, or are unable to meet due to conditions in their parts of the world. Internet and technology have made education smarter and convenient, and this has led to the creation of a global village that has bought the world right into our palms.

With just a few clicks or swipes, we can now achieve what we never thought was possible. You can hire a dissertation writing service and get education support staying at your home. Thanks to the internet and technology, it has now become very easy to see each other face to face and understand and learn things in the most efficient manner. When we were young, our parents and teachers made us learn things by making us visualize things. Keeping this in mind, the education system has now started implementing visual learning in the form of ‘smart learning’ in schools, colleges, and universities.

Smart learning is the use of visual aids like videos and presentations to deliver academic content to increase the interest of students and retain it for longer periods so that they have better chances to focus on their education. Not only this, but smart education has also made access to the world very easy. Everything is now just a few swipes and clicks away and by incorporating smart education into their lives, students can connect with other likeminded people all over the world, understanding things in a much better way. Students must learn how to make the most of smart education and enjoy its benefits:

Highly Effective Means of Communication:
Smart education has made the world a global village by its high efficiency and competence that serves the audience with the help of elements like graphs, images, charts, presentations, etc. It helps to share coursework and other material that cannot be conveyed traditionally and needs some other means of communication. With the help of smart education, students can learn effectively, and therefore, they can retain more information in a much better way.

Increased Motivation:
With the help of smart education, students can build their interest in certain areas where they had not ventured before. It is because smart education has made the world a global village, bringing people from all parts of the world together at one platform where they can share ideas, motivate each other and share success stores too. It plays a crucial role in increasing motivation, and they can develop their interest in things that are new for them but might work wonders for them in the long run.

An Easy Way of Learning:
Smart learning uses smartboards that can help students achieve a lot of goals without any problems. All the students need to do is create a transparent worksheet and simply placing it under the camera so that it is visible on the smartboard. Many tools and applications can be used for learning that makes the entire process very easy and convenient. It is up to the students to use the right learning material that not only aids them in making presentations and videos but also gives them a chance to connect with others who are on the same page and aim for similar results.

Cost Efficiency:
Smart education has made the world a global village by helping with costs and giving students a chance to learn without spending too much money. There is no need for students to buy expensive devices or tools and any other study-related material as all the course material is available online. As it is just a one-time expense, it will last for a long time and give them a chance to learn without any hindrance.

With the help of smart education, the students can retain the notes and other instructions given by the teacher online and get back to them as and when needed. It helps students immensely who miss any class or were available at that time. It is up to the students to understand how the world has turned into a global village that can be handled most efficiently with smart education tools.

The students need to focus on what they can achieve with smart education as seems to be the best solution for education in the future. With the right tools and applications, they can remain motivated to learn and make the most of the academic process for a bright future.

Friday, 5 June 2020

How to Review a Scientific Research Paper?

How to Review Scientific Research Paper
A scientific research paper contains original, theoretical and empirical examination. So, reviewing a scientific research paper is not highlighting the shortcomings of a paper. Indeed, it requires your focus and concentration to highlight the multi-dimensions, different purposes, basic aim within a scientific field. Presenting the final evaluation is quite difficult because you have to see the paper as a critic. If you are assigned to review a scientific research paper, you have to follow all the points that a dissertation help firm has discussed below:

Write A Straight Forward Abstract:
Although, the length of the research paper is important, yet, write a straightforward abstract. You need to pay attention to the paper length. Make sure that the research paper has a significant and specific page limit. For making new improvement, pay attention to the original title. For an extensive review, write the main problem, aim and method uniquely.

Select Effective References:
If the writer has included citations in the research paper, you must check the validity of the references. Make sure that citations are supporting the main points. Citations should be supported by the sentence. Pay attention to the valid and true references and highlight fake conferences and journals. Appreciate to the cite references that have been taken from reliable resources. Critics always pay attention to well-known conferences and journals. Avoid from giving credit to unreliable resources.

Highlight The Quality Of Graphs And Figures:
Quality of graphs and figures is important that you must keep in mind when you are reviewing a scientific research paper. Often students don’t insert their graphs in PDF form. Make sure that scientific paper is inserted in the PDF form. Check the measurements of the graphs and figures. Don’t reject a paper after reviewing it. Give your specific conclusion in good words. Highlight the main problems in a significant manner. By adopting this method, you can highlight big problems easily. However, be must be careful about the specific points.

Be Responsible And Give Clear Vision:
If you will review a scientific paper in a bad or sad mood then you will not able to conduct an effective and solid review. Always be responsible and start your review in a good mood. Make sure that you are writing simple and clear English in your review section. Avoid form making it too much complicated. In the scientific research paper review, present new ideas and broad vision. Don’t think that complicated sentences maintain high quality.

Present General Comments:
Often critics present harsh comments in the review section. Presenting harsh comments does not show your intelligence, therefore, you must give general comments. For example, you want to reject the structure of the research paper, you can use these words” the structure of the scientific research paper is not consistent. Always read the research paper fairly to get its important points.

Investigate Material And Method:
Make sure that you have invested material and method very carefully. Read all the sentences point to point to get substantial material. Present a valid summary of the manuscript and be explicit in presenting your ideas. Quality and material of the research paper are also important; therefore, investigate the quality and method of the research paper.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

5 Top Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Legal Dissertation Paper

Avoid Plagiarism
If you are studying law and have been given to write a legal dissertation paper, you must be prepared to work hard and take it seriously because your grades and degree depending on the level of hard work. In addition to this, you must also know that the research and knowledge you accumulate while putting together the legal dissertation paper will help you immensely during the professional career. Becoming a lawyer is no easy thing. You will have to study a lot, hire dissertation writing services and while doing that keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to receive as much knowledge and skill you can to do well in the field.

Writing a legal dissertation paper can be tough because there are so many things that you need to do and sometimes in coming up with the right argument or in trying to write a case, you might end up plagiarizing that you might not even realize. Plagiarism is a serious offense and the teacher will not be happy knowing that you have copied down information from some other resource without giving credit or have just tried to get things done without making any real efforts. You must learn to write a top-quality and custom legal dissertation by avoiding all types of mistakes and errors including plagiarism. This article discusses the 5 top ways that can help to prevent any chances of plagiarizing while working on your paper.

Use References:The best way to stay away from plagiarism is by including the references of the page or the pages of the books, journal or the report from where you have taken the content for your dissertation. You can use these references at the end of the research paper or on another page meant exclusively for that purpose. However, you must know the correct method of using references that will be accepted by the teacher. Reference contains key information about the resource such as author, date of publication, title, and the source. By using references correctly, you can avoid plagiarism more effectively. 

Cite All Previous Material:If you are using some research material in the paper that has already been used by you in some previous work, cite it too. This is important because if you use the same research material that has been used somewhere else, it is called self-plagiarism which is also not acceptable. Use that material as if someone else has written it and it will no longer become a problem for you.

Cite The Quotes Too:It is important to cite the quotes too because these quotes belong to someone and cannot be used without giving due credit to the source. Citing the quotes is a bit different than citing other content and you just need to add the page number or paragraph in case the quote has been taken from the web.

Paraphrasing:If you have found information that is just perfect for your dissertation and you are ready to use it, do not use it just like that as it will be considered copy-pasting. Read the information carefully, note down the important points and come up with your version of this information, keeping the facts and figure the same. Make sure that you do not copy more than two words in a row from the text you are using. In case you use more than two words together, put quotation marks and it will help to avoid plagiarism most easily.

Citation:This is one of the most efficient ways with which you can use content the right way without being accused of plagiarism or other educational challenges. There are various citation guidelines such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc. that are used by academic institutes all over the world and any of these can be used for citing the references you are using in the dissertation. Check out the dissertation guidelines or ask your teacher and you will know which one to use. All of them include the name of the author, date of publication and other related information but it must be used the right way or you could land in trouble.

Writing a plagiarism free legal dissertation becomes further difficult because the legal terms and phrases remain the same no matter how much you paraphrase or how much you cite the material. It is best to use the above-mentioned tips as they will help you understand how to avoid plagiarism in the best possible way, saving your time and efforts in getting things right in the first attempt.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

How Education Can Meet The Challenges of Current Tech Age

Challenges of Current Tech Age
Given increasingly widespread technology adoption in virtually every area of education, there are major problems related to the implementations. While some of these issues are structural and others linked to the systems themselves, teachers and educational leaders share the blame as well, according to researchers. In the past, problems have generally focused on the resistance on the part of administrators and teachers, lack of training, and lack of funding or support. New results are also generally followed along these lines though some new problems have also been found. I'm pretty sure if you're reading this I don't have to tell you we have a growing problem with our education system. There's a question, but knowing that there's one first step to solving every question; so we're on the right track, right?

Professional Development:
Central among all problems is the lack of sufficient, ongoing professional development for teachers who need to incorporate emerging technology into their classrooms but are unprepared or incapable of understanding new technologies. All too often, when schools require the use of different technology, teachers are left without the resources (and sometimes expertise) to efficiently incorporate the new technologies into their teaching practices. Told by a dissertation writing service, the consequences are that new innovations are underutilized, not used at all.

Resistance To Change:
Resistance to change comes in several ways but one of the main aspects of resistance found in the study is "comfort with the status quo." According to researchers, teachers and school leaders still see technical innovation as beyond the reach of their job responsibilities.

MOOCs and Other New Models:
New in this year's study, new models for teaching and learning are generating "unprecedented competition for conventional school models." In particular, the MOOC (massive open online course) — possibly the hottest subject in higher education right now — has been described as "at the forefront" of discussions about new modes of delivery of K-12 education. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are, so to speak, the latest players on the education block, and are welcomed because many institutions of higher education have already adopted MOOCs and have seen success. Schools should look for ways to incorporate this concept so that education is more available.

Informal Learning Offers:
Unlike the number three above, learning models for lectures and exams struggle to encourage students to practice or take on informal learning. Informal learning is most commonly seen in non-traditional classroom environments such as flipped classrooms, which offer a mix of formal and informal learning and provide a far more non-traditional approach that incorporates technology into the core curriculum.

Personalized Training Failures:
There's a difference between the concept of customized personalized learning and the available tools to make it happen. Although K-12 teachers see the need for personalized learning, they do not have the resources or time at their fingertips to make it happen.

Failure To Use The Technology To Provide Successful Important Developmental Evaluations:
While testing has always been a significant driver of instructional practice and improvement, many teachers are now "teaching for the test." The curricula and ability sets have been adjusted to the needs of our community and, in effect, existing testing methods have become an antiquated evaluation. New technologies and our understanding of different patterns of learning need to play into the new way students are scored to understand the subject. Despite the increasing adoption of K-12 technologies, widespread implementation seems to present a problem in PhD thesis. Older teachers tend to lack an appreciation of the workings of modern technologies. This lack of comprehension is exasperated when an older teacher tries to instruct a student who has grown up using the technology. We've all seen videos of kids using an iPad on YouTube, we've all seen our grandparents struggle to grasp what an iPad is, or what it can do.

The study also described the innovations that would have a tangible impact on education in the next five hands, broken down by near-term (one year from now or sooner), mid-term (two to three years from now), and long-term (four to five years from now). Teachers must be comfortable in using emerging technology to teach "old" principles and, most importantly, how to apply them to the world today. There are some other challenges like, Budget limitations Inadequate professional training Teachers resistant to change Inadequate network infrastructure Unreliable device/software solutions There is no urgent need for more technology in the District Curriculum Systems.

Saturday, 29 February 2020

What Difficulties Students Face in Completing Their PhD Thesis?

Difficulties Students Face
PhD is a very important, yet difficult degree to do. Right from getting admission in a reputable university to the completion of degree, a student faces many difficulties. At PhD level, the expectations from students are very high. They cannot submit a low-quality assignment, the language and grammar must be advanced level. The thesis or assignment must be written using authentic and latest resources. The format of the assignments or thesis must be in accordance with university guidelines. The list goes on. This article covers the difficulties a PhD student faces during the completion of degree program.

Difficulty in Getting Admission:
The very first difficulty, a student faces in the completion of a PhD degree is getting admission in a reputable university because every university demands some solid research idea or proposal. It is not a cakewalk to compose a research proposal that may impress the professor. Your research idea must be unique and you should give arguments in favor of your proposed research title with evidence from the previous literature. PhD dissertation writing services may help students in this regard.

Difficulty in Completing Research Work:
PhD degree is uncompleted without research work. It is must for every PhD student to conduct either primary or secondary research. Being a vital and important part of the PhD degree, the research work must be completed very carefully. It requires lot of time, effort and hard work on the part of student. The student must have proper resources to complete the research work as well as complete guidance be provided to them to do this tedious task. If a student don’t have proper knowledge about the research topic and don’t have access to online library or good books that are very helpful for authentication of PhD thesis, they will not be unable to write a good thesis. Without exact information and knowledge, they can’t write even a single paragraph the thesis. Authentication, correction and references are the most important for writing a good thesis.

The Expectations of Professors are High:
As compared to Graduate or undergraduate level, the PhD degree students are expected to submit only top quality, well researched and well written assignments. As it is the highest degree in academic career so, the expectation of professors are very high.

The Writing, Proofreading and Formatting of PhD Thesis:
The most difficult task is to write a thesis of the PhD degree, as PhD is not just about course studies rather it’s about writing thesis as well. Writing PhD thesis is very time taking task. You can only write it when you have proper knowledge, data and information. Motivation, diligence and consistency are also very much important while working on PhD dissertation or thesis.

PhD thesis writing is not a game to play yet you have to work hard while writing it. There are so many writers who are facing a lot of problems while writing their thesis. For instance, you are a PhD student and at the same time you are doing some job to meet your needs of life. It would be very difficult to work on your thesis properly as your PhD dissertation needs full time study and hard work to complete it. Now the solution is that either you have to leave your job for completing your thesis or you have to leave your thesis to meet work properly in your company or office.

On the other hand, there are so many students who don’t have proper language; they don’t have proper writing style. They can’t write a good piece of language in their work. This will create a big problem in their writing style of their thesis of PhD. The PhD thesis is not on a page yet it’s a complete research work where you have to write a good language, best structure of writing and a quality of writing.

Lack of Time and Resources:
There are also other hardships and issues that students face during the complication of their PhD thesis, dissertation or research work which include; not having required books, e-books as well as access to the library, access to the internet, proper time to study, help from experts, proper language, exact information, proper structure and other important phases while writing your dissertation for a PhD. If you are not having a proper excess of these things you can’t write your good thesis.

Get Help in Writing Your Proposal, Assignments and Thesis:
There are so many solutions for writing your thesis of PhD without any tension and stress on time. You can easily get your thesis of PhD from online dissertation writing services. They have good services of writing and they have well educated a writer who always helps you to provide proper guidance and an outline for your thesis. Their services are 24/7 and they always keep in touch with you for any queries. You can easily rely on them for your PhD thesis writing and you don’t need to skip your job so on and so forth.