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A Good Assignment Writing Service Can Help You Improve Your Grades This Semester

If we take a review of the academic life of a student, then we come to know that it is packed with a lot of assignments. The only way to improve your grades in any semester is to perform well not only in the final exams but also in the academic writing tasks. Due to ignorance in writing, the students will never feel comfortable to write these assignments. Due to this flee of the students from the assignment writing tasks, the students can lose their grades. Therefore, the only way to improve grades in this semester is to contact the expert writers of the assignment writing services. Here, we will discuss how a good assignment writing service is helpful for us to improve our grades in this semester. 

1) Saves your time

If we talk about the student's point of view, then we come to know that time is very precious to them. They have a limited amount of time to perform different academic and social activities. An assignment comes with a deadline and it is necessary for a student to write an assignment along with studies. Under such a situation, it is difficult for the students to manage the time for the studies and assignment writing tasks. After getting a custom solution to your assignment from the professional writers, you can save enough time for the studies. As a result, you will be able to get the best grades not only in the final exams but also in the assignment writing tasks.

2) Top quality assignments

The only way to get the best grades by submitting an assignment is to ensure the best quality of an assignment. The best quality assignment is that which is written by selecting the best topic idea, by conducting an in-depth research, by creating unique and original content, and by making it free from the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. No doubt, to create such a best quality assignment is a real challenge for the students. On the other hand, if you get a custom solution to your assignment from the expert writers, then they will provide an assurance of getting the best grades.

3) Helpful to improve writing skills

During your academic career, no one can deny the importance of the best writing skills. These impressive writing skills are helpful to perform well in the exams and to write down the best quality academic papers. The professional writers of an assignment writing service are also helpful for the students to improve their writing skills. For this reason, they provide the best tips to the students. Moreover, they also provide the best assignment samples to the students. By reading out these assignment samples, the students can easily improve their writing skills.

4) Helpful to improve the research traits

There are also some students who try to write their assignments by themselves but they don’t have enough research traits. They can also improve their research traits by getting help from the expert writers. These professional writers will provide essential tips to the students how to find out the academic resources. These expert writers are also helpful for the students to provide a list of the authentic and reliable research resources relevant to your topic idea.

These expert writers can also improve your grades by providing awareness about assignment topic idea, by enhancing analytical and cognitive abilities of the students, and by providing the assignments before the deadline.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Writing Problem Statement For a Research Proposal

A problem statement provides us with a clear expression of a particular problem that should be discussed. This problem can be in the form of a troubling question that exists in a scholarly literature or any other theory. A problem statement provides us with the complete context of a research study and on the basis of this context, we can generate the possible research questions. This problem statement is considered as one of the most important components of a research problem. If you are not able to write a problem statement for your research proposal, then you can get help from the academic writing services.

Tips to write a problem statement for a research proposal

As we have discussed earlier that a problem statement is one of the most important components of a research proposal. Therefore, you should be very careful while formulating the problem statement. For this reason, you should follow these important tips;

1) There are a lot of ways to describe a problem statement in a research proposal. You should try to adopt such way that is easily understandable for the audience. For this reason, you should try to commence the problem statement with these words that if this problem doesn’t exist, then how things will look like.

2) According to Charles Catering, if you are succeeded to describe a problem in an effective way, then it means that you have explained the half answer to that problem. Therefore, you should try to explain the problem statement in such a way that it should be clear, straightforward, and easily understandable to the audience.

3) After clearly explaining the problem statement, you should try to back up your assertions by providing the reasonable evidence.

4) Once, you have provided evidence in the support of your arguments, then you should try to propose a solution for this problem. For this reason, you should try to provide a complete process to deal with that particular problem.

5) To get the more attention of the audience, you should also try to explain that how the possible solutions of that problem are beneficial for the people.

6) At last, you should try to conclude the problem statement writing task by summarizing the main points of your research problem along with their possible solutions.

Tips to polish your problem statement

Once, you have prepared the first draft of the problem statement, then you should try to polish it in order to remove all the mistakes from it. The best tips to polish a problem statement are given below;

1) A problem statement should be written in a concise way.

2) While preparing the final draft of your problem statement, you should keep in mind that you are going to write it for the audience, not for yourself. Therefore, you should try to keep in mind the interests of the audience.

3) There is need to use any kind of the jargons in your problem statement without properly defining them.

4) A problem statement should be written by focusing on a single problem along with its solution rather than the multiple problems.

5) There is no need to use an informal voice in the problem statement rather than you should try to use only formal voice in it.

6) Try to remove all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes from it.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Ethical issues for a survey within a healthcare settings for the Nursing Dissertation

The nursing dissertation in a health care setting is an integral part of documentation. Poor nursing documentation of patient care is identified in daily nurse visit notes in a health care setting. This problem affects effective communication of patient status with other clinicians, thereby jeopardizing clinical decision-making. Based on the survey in health care unit, a retraining program is recommended to improve structured nursing documentation in a home health agency.

Nursing documentation is an essential function of professional nursing practice. The documentation should be factual, current, and comprehensive to provide consistent information about the assessment, care provided, and evaluation of patient responses to care. Current health care systems require that documentation ensure continuity of care, provide legal evidence of nursing care provided, and support evaluation of quality patient care. To enhance patient outcomes that include patient safety, accurate and complete clinical information is required as a valid and reliable source to be used for communication, quality improvements, research, and policy making.

Some essential characteristics of quality information in patient records include completeness and comprehensiveness. Nursing documentation based on the nursing process facilitates effective care as patient’s needs can be traced from assessment and nurses are empowered in clinical decision-making. Criteria for effective or quality documentation include use of common vocabulary, legible writing, use of authorized abbreviations and symbols. Quality criteria of nursing documentation includes completeness, quantity, legibility, patient identification, chronological report of events, comprehensiveness of description, nursing assessment, objective information, signature, date and timeliness.

Other ethical issues are the incomplete documentation that cannot provide the necessary foundation for provision of quality care, quality improvement or effective decisions on allocation of resources. Therefore, it is crucial that nursing assessments, care plans, implementation of interventions, and evaluation of results should be systematically and accurately communicated through effective documentation. Patient safety has been compromised due to failure of nurses documenting nursing processes effectively and completely. When documentation is inadequate, it reflects substandard care with potential for litigation.

Documentation at health care if poorly done by nursing staff, it affects effective communication of patient status with other clinicians, thereby affecting clinical decision-making and patient outcomes. Poor documentation can negatively affect the effectiveness, quality and visibility of nursing work. Good clinical documentation is a part of quality patient care and shows accountability. Documentation of patient services in home health care is a prerequisite for continuity of care. Nurses use progress notes on patient care to communicate patient care, assess and record patients’ status. Effective documentation shows evidence of care given and patients’ responses, and evaluation of care given[1]. Ineffective documentation may result in patients missing treatments or substandard or inappropriate or delay in treatments. Therefore, there is a need for improvement in the quality of patient care documented in patient records. The importance of effective nursing documentation cannot be overemphasized, as it enhances communication among health care team, clinical decision-making, patient safety, quality of care provided to patients and ultimately promotes better patient outcomes.


1.      I Holloway, K Galvin - 2016 -, Qualitative research in nursing and healthcare

What Do You Need Special To Resit In An Exam An Informative Article About Exam Resits

It has been a tiring and an exhausting year at the university or the college. Waking  up early in the morning and going to bed late at night after all the exhausting day. but its all over now. And now you can focus on all  that summer sun and fun! Is that what you think. You go to the university and you get your results back. You turn your head. The results don't come back as you expected. You are required to have a resit in the exam in the next august. Don’t worry. Here is a simple guide that will 
help you get through you resit exam.

You wont be given the same exam as you got originally. But it is known that the format of the exam  is always the same. The distributing of the long and short questions remains the same in the resit exam. The resit exam is granted the status of first attempt if you had missed the first exam entirely based on sickness or medical illness. If this is not the case, the resit marks are usually capped. With capped  it means that even if you score more than  80% in the resit exam, the marks that have been recorded for the module will  eventually be much lower.
Extenuating circumstances are the situations that count the reasons   based on which you could not sit in the original exam. These include as certain mishaps in the family or deaths or illness in the family.
In order to score higher in the resit exams, the students must step upbeat. It can be hard and less motivating to study in the  summer holidays when all else are having fun. But this is important and this is the main priority. Once this exams cleared, you will have many other summers to have fun in. failing and trying again is the main idea that leads to more success. When you appear in the resit exam, one of the main advantage for the students is that they would  be having an idea of the kind of questions and the format of the paper.
One of the main strategies that can be used is to go through the past papers. This will also help in knowing what’s coming next. The student needs to make decisions on how the time can be used in a n effective manner. The students need to know that the resit exams are different than the normal exams. In the case of the capped exams, it is seen that the student needs to earn passing marks. One of the main strategy for the resit is to be sure that you can earn almost 60 to 70% marks in the module.
The reliable and a more timely revision plan is needed for the resit. Simply reviving the  textbooks and the revision material is not enough. It is important that the notes and the past paper material that  has been gathered is revised  timely.

Some scientifically approved methods for students to improve learning

It is a mundane observation that students who study day in and day out are not always the ones who get highest grades and excel. The key to improve learning lies in “work smart, not hard”. Scientists and researchers have found few scientifically methods to improve the learning in students. Few of them are discussed under. 

Print Out Materials
Generally, gadgets like computers are considered an informative and handy source of learning. In today’s world, every one prefers to work on these gadgets and preserve everything in them for a longer time and with security. But it has proven scientifically that print out material always have greater impact on mind than electronic gadgets. A survey was done to find out the general trend among students about using learning tools. More than 80% students polled that hard form or printed copies are preferred over digital gadgets. So, students should try to adopt the learning through paper material that will increase their mental capacity.

2.      Don’t Do Multitasking
Students more often do multitasking while studying and it effects their efficiency. It not only extends the time of understanding the subjects but also proves to be a disaster to their exams. So, multitasking during studies must not be done in order to focus on the particular subjects with mind and energy.

3.      Practice testing yourself
The best way to measure how much you have learned and memorized well before the exams is to practice testing yourself. Students who test themselves with practical tests get the better results in making themselves confident and truthful about the preparations done. This practice also makes students to memorize the mistakes that they make in the practice tests and they tend to correct it before the final exams in the college or university.

4.      First exercise hard, then study harder
To have a fresh mind with no distractions around, it is necessary to first tune your body to become active and energized. Exercise makes your body agile and so does to the mind. Secondly, to sit and study all the time makes you bored and drowned in monotony. A bit of muscle starching increases the blood circulation and revives the mind. So, students should also pay time to do exercise while preparing for the final exams.
5.      Play the role of teacher
Students should try to experiment the role of teacher and teach themselves. A teacher is an epitome of knowledge with confidence. Also, a teacher makes strategies to teach students in a most easy and interesting way. Students could be their own teacher and plan some interesting tools to teach themselves via cue cards, bullet points, formula making or writing on the board in a room. Students may perform this activity by imagining themselves in a classroom where students are looking towards them and waiting for them to teach one of the most important topic with great interest. This unique practice will boost the confident of students and help them strategize their studies.

How To Conduct a Case Study Where a Student Needs to To Analyze One Or Several Social Phenomena

The case studies are used in the several educational programs from the field of the business to solve the various real-world problems. This is also an important way to access the abilities of the students in order to get an idea whether they have the ability to parse out all the aspects of the given dilemma or not. For example, if you are going to write down the case study in the field of the business, then you should try to provide the background of the environment of the business, to identify the key problems within an organization, and to provide the best strategies and suggestions for the business.

If you are not able to write down the case study, then you can get help from the academic writing services. The best tips to conduct a case study are given below; 

1) First of all, you should try to take a brief overview of the background of the business. After taking a brief overview, you should try to describe and examine the key aspects of the business in the case study. These key aspects should be relevant to the case study.

2) Never forget to describe the structure of your business in the case study. The structure of the business consists of the many factors like a brief overview about the management of the business, a complete detail on the basis of the different employees, a complete history about its financial conditions, a complete detail about the shareholders, and so on.

3) Thirdly, there comes the main issues and problems of the business in the case study. This thing includes the main findings of the business, all the conclusions of the study, and the different kinds of expansions that are faced by the new organizations in the market.

4) Sometimes, there is a possibility that you will have to make some changes in the business like increasing the capital, purchasing the new building, and changing the different kinds of the revenue streams. It is also an unavoidable thing for you to provide a complete detail in the case study that how the business responds to these changes.

5) After some changes, you will either get some positive aspects of that changes or some negative aspects of that changes. You should try to well-craft these aspects by using the numerical benchmarks in the case study.

6) It is a fact that you can get the four important types of the information with the help of the data and calculations. The first type is known as the point to successes. The second type is known as the failures. The third type is known as the unforeseen results. The fourth type is known as the inadequate measures. It is also an unavoidable thing for you to provide a complete detail about it while writing down the case study.

If you will follow these simple tips while writing the case study, then it will be easy for you to analyze the different social phenomenon in an effective way.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Importance Of Monitoring Teens When They Are Online

To monitor the activities of a child on the internet is an unavoidable thing for the parents in order to get an idea about his/her interests. The teenage (The age a boy or girl between the 13 to the 19 years) is the most important period in the life of a person. Its reason is that the abilities and the habits that are adopted by the teenagers last a great influence on their practical life. If you are not able to monitor the online activities of the teenagers, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. Here, we will discuss the importance of monitoring the teens when they are online. 

1) Cyber bullying

Cyberbullying is an important form of the harassment that is done by the criminally minded persons with the help of the mobile phones or some other forms of the digital devices. It is a fact that the kids that are harassed by the cyberbullies on the mobile phone or some other kind of the digital media never tries to discuss it with their parents. By monitoring the online activities of the teens, it will be easy for the parents to get an idea about this critical situation.

2) Sexting
It is a common habit among the teens that they send and receive different kinds of the nude pictures to each other. This behaviour can become the cause of distracting the attention of the teens from the studies. Moreover, they also face a lot of mental and physical disorders. As a responsible father/mother, if you are monitoring the online activities of your teens, then it will be easy for you to eradicate such types of activities among the minds of your teens.

3) Identify the bad apples

It is a common happening in the society that a lot of teens find out such friends on the internet that are committed to some bad habits. Due to these bad habits, they try to convince your teens to adopt these bad habits of drinking and illegal activities. By monitoring the online activities of the teens also allow the parents to identify these kinds of the bad apples.

4) To safeguard their reputation
Sometimes, the teenagers post such material on the internet that can become the cause of losing his/her reputation. Moreover, this kind of the material can also become the cause of distracting their future i.e they are not able to get the best job opportunities or they are not able to get admission in the best institutions. By monitoring the online activities of the teens is also an important way for the students to safeguard their reputation.

5) Viruses and malware

It is a fact that there are a lot of apps on the internet that contains a lot of viruses and malware in it. Most of the teenagers download these kinds of the apps and these apps can become the cause of infecting their computers. By monitoring the online activities of the teenagers is also an important way to remove these kinds of harmful apps from your computer.